Saki Kawanami
Country: Japan
Height: 154cm
Measurements: B82-E W60 H90
22 scenes
1399 photos
3 costumes

About Saki Kawanami

Saki Kawanami is a Japanese stripper who has an incredible sexual appetite. She keeps her body fit for her performances, but all the exercise really gets her libido worked up. When she isn't straddling a pole, she often finds herself at home masturbating furiously thinking about other kinds of poles. She absolutely loves cock, and really can't enough of it. Thankfully she found us! She truly embodies the 'chijyo' spirit of a real female pervert and will do anything to please. While she is new to cosplay, she loves the opportunity to engage in even more creative perversions. While dressed as another character she can truly let go of herself and embody a completely debauched fuck toy of a woman!

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